Ina Hjelte och Andreas Eklöf i MD2018 sökte med sitt bidrag “riders” till VF, vilket är ett amerikanskt koncernbolag som äger olika jeans- och fritidsklädesmärken.Den 15 september visar de upp sin kreation på VF Operating Committee meeting i Boston.
Så här motiverar de deras bidrag:

• Our concept is to create a jeans model that is suited for riding,
which is shaped after the body while you are in a saddle or on a
motorcycle. A pair of jeans that you can use for many years and will
continue to shape themself around your body.

• Our target consumer is riders, any type of riders as bull riders,
motorcycle riders, and “jeans riders”. Now matter what you ride. You
can always wear this pair of jeans.

• Our result is a new jeans model with seems and cuts modified to rid
a bull.
We have changed the placement of seems to give better motion around
the knee and get rid of uncomfortable inside seems. The outer seem
is replaced by a dart and the
pattern is one-piece with a long wedge in the crutch.